Our Strategies

To advance our mission toward long-term, systemic change, the NGEC focus on two key areas of work: social justice capacity building with grassroots AAPI organizations and philanthropic advocacy with key alllies in the field.  While national in scope, the NGEC focuses our capacity building efforts in the two pilot states of California and Minnesota given the unique spectrum of issues and demographics in their AAPI communities.  At the end of NGEC's 3-year Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP), AAPIP intends to create an intermediary called BRIDGE to share tools and lessons from the demonstration project with multi-ethnic communities and organizations working for social justice.


Social Justice Capacity Building

As NGEC's capacity building program from 2009 through 2011, the Organizational Fellowship Program builds the capacity of social justice organizations to better integrate and institutionalize strategies that create cultural change within communities and societal change more broadly.

The OFP is an intensive, experiential program with 12 partner organizations who represent our hopes for a stronger, politically conscious base of those most impacted by inequity in Asian American/Pacific Islander communities. With these groups on the ground in two pilot locations—Minnesota and California—we aim to work in coalitions both regionally and nationally with a shared purpose to increase political power. More »


Philanthropic Advocacy

AAPI partners

NGEC recognizes that funding the social justice movement is critical to strengthening our democracy. We advocate for creating and sustaining movement building infrastructure of AAPI communities through our investments in grassroots leaders and community organizations working for social change. As part of AAPIP’s commitment to social justice philanthropy, the NGEC's Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP) is modeling a community-based grant-making approach. More »


BRIDGE (Building Responsive Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity)

Our long-term vision is to build a more inclusive society. To ensure that the lessons and tools from the OFP continue to be supported and maintained beyond the end of the NGEC in 2011, we are creating BRIDGE (Building Responsive Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity). 

We envision BRIDGE to be a national, social justice infrastructure building intermediary co-created with community.   The tools and resources for BRIDGE will focus on supporting movement building that have been developed and tested through the NGEC.