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Board Development & Governance

Bradshaw, Pat, Bryan Hayday, Ruth Armstrong, Johanne Levesque, and Liz Rykert. "Nonprofit Governance Models: Problems and Prospects." ARNOVA Conference. Seattle, Washington. 1998.

Brody Weiser Burns. "The Board Chair: A Question and Answer Guide." 10 May 2002.

Burns, Michael. "Act Your Age: The Organizational Lifecycle and How it Affect Your Board: The First in a Three Part Series." Brody Weiser Burns.

Burns, Michael. "Avoid Pigeonholing Your Board into Traditional Models." Brody Weiser Burns. 1998. Brody Weiser Burns.

Burns, Michael. "The Juvenile State of Governance: What to do about Junior?" 1997. Brody Weiser Burns.

Center for Community Change. "How to Run a Good Meeting: A Guide for New Leaders." 2007.

★ Compass Point Nonprofit Services. "Nonprofit Board Basics Online." updated Sep 16, 2008. (links to a free, interactive online course with a virtual conference, animation, more resources and online self-assessement) (last accessed 8 Mar 2010)

Fieldstone Alliance. "Tools You Can Use: Eleven Cool Ideas for Finding Hot New Board Members." 1 Nov. 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Dealing Effectively with Nonprofit Board Conflicts." 7 Dec. 2005.

Henderson, Jennifer. "Sample Job Descriptions for Board Members of Community-Based Organizations." June 1995. Community Change Agents Project.

Masaoka, Jan, and Mike Allison. "Why Boards Don’t Govern." Grassroots Fundraising Journal.May- June 2005.

Vanderwall, Kim S., and Ellen Benavides. "Coloring Outside the Box: One Size Does Not Fit All in Nonprofit Governance." Sept. 2006.

Wolfred, Tim. "Stepping Up: A Board’s Challenge in Leadership Transition." Support Center for Nonprofit Management. 2002.


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Capacity Building & Strategic Planning

Angelica, Emil. Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements. 2008. Fieldstone Alliance. Hyman, Vince. "Four Ways to Develop a Compelling Vision." 2 May 2007.

Colorado Trust. "Building Capacity for Violence Prevention." Feb. 2001.

Connolly, Paul M. "Deeper Capacity Building for Greater Impact: Designing a Long-term Initiative to Strengthen a Set of Nonprofit Organizations." April 2007. TCC Group.

Connolly, Paul, and Carol Lukas. "Components of Organizational Capacity." Strengthening Nonprofit Performance: A Funders Guide to Capacity Building. 2002. Fieldstone Alliance.

Emarita, Betty. "Providing Culturally Appropriate Technical Assistance." 31 Jan. 2007. Effective Communities, LLC.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Capacity Building Defined and Demystified." 20 June 2006.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Logic Models: What Are They, and Why Would Anyone Except Spock Care?" 26 Aug. 2005.

Institute for Sustainable Communities. "Organizational Capacity Checklist." (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Masaoka, Jan. "A Capacity-Building Call to Arms." Keynote speech to the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. Cleveland, Ohio. April 2001. CompassPoint Nonprofit Services.

Scearce, Diana, and Katherine Fulton. "What If? The Art of Scenario Thinking for Nonprofits." 2004. Global Business Network.


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Collaborations & Coalition-Building

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. "Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory." (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Bailey, Terri J. "Ties that Bind: The Practice of Social Networks." 2006. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Center for Research on Women, and Southern Regional Council. "Across Races and Nations: Building New Communities in the South: Case Studies of Collaboration." (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Cohen, Larry, Nancy Baer, and Pam Satterwhite. "Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide." Community Health Education & Promotion: A Guide to Program Design and Evaluation. 2002: 161-178. Prevention Institute.

Collaboration Roundtable. "The Partnership Toolkit: Tools for Building and Sustaining Partnerships." 2001. Pacific Community Resources Society.

Ford Foundation. "Collaborations that Count: Working for Democracy in Devolutionary Times." July 2002.

Fieldstone Alliance. "How to ‘Nimble-ize’ a Collaboration." 25 July 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Organizational Alliances Part 1: When Less is More." 23 Aug. 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Organizational Alliances, Part 2: What to Do When Your Partnership is on the Rocks." 13 Sept. 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Six Best Practices for Complex Collaborations." 12 Sept. 2006.

Fieldstone Alliance. "What Makes Collaborations Succeed: The Collaboration Factors Inventory." 26 Jan. 2005. Fieldstone Alliance.

Institute for Sustainable Communities. "Balancing the Tensions in Coalitions." (29 May 2008).

Institute for Sustainable Communities. "Tips for Making a Coalition Work." (29 May 2008).

Institute for Sustainable Communities. "Types of Diversity in Coalitions." (29 May 2008).

Lukas, Carol, and Rebecca Andrews. "Four Keys to Collaboration Success." date. Fieldstone Alliance.  (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Nielsen, Kirsten. "Collaboration Resource List." Jan. 2003. Fieldstone Alliance.


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Community Building & Community Development

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Race Matters: Community Building Strategies." 2006.

Changemakers. "Building Community: A Resource for Family Foundations." (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Green, Mike. "The Toolbox: Starting a Connection Project." The Asset Based Community Development Institute. (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Hyman, James B. Ph.D. "Not Quite Chaos: Toward a More Disciplined Approach to Community Building." Oct. 2002. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Fieldstone Alliance. "28 Factors for successful Community Building." 6 Apr. 2006.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Tapping Local Arts and Culture to Revitalize Communities." 27 July 2006.

Potapchuk, Maggie, Sally Leiderman, Donna Bivens, and Barbara Major. "Flipping the Script: White Privilege and Community Building." 2005. MP Associates, Inc. and the Center for Assessment and Policy Development. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Rans, Susan A., and Mike Green. "Hidden Treasures: Building Community Connections by Engaging the Gifts of People on Welfare, People with Disabilities, People with Mental Illness, Older Adults, Young People." 2005.The Asset Based Community Development Institute.

Sadan, Elisheva. "Empowerment and Community Planning." Translated by Richard Flantz. Sept. 2004.

South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow. "Building Community Strength: A Report About Community-based Organizations Serving South Asians in the United States." July 2007.

The Democracy Center. "Effective Organizing: The Key Ingredients." 2002.

★ The Diarist Project. "Building Resident Power and Capacity for Change: An ‘on-the-ground' reflection about what it takes for funders to work effectively with low-income communities." June 2009.  Grassroots Grantmakers.

The Institute for Democratic Renewal, and The Project Change Anti-Racism Initiative. "A Community Builder’s Tool Kit: 15 Tools for Creating Healthy, Productive Interracial/ Multicultural Communities." (last accessed 29 May 2008).



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Community Organizing

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Race Matters: Unequal Opportunities for Civic Participation." 2006.

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Trusted Advocates: A Multicultural Approach to Building and Sustaining Resident Involvement." 2007.

★ Brady, Mamie. "Alliances for Change: Organizing for the 21st Century." (last accessed 10 Mar 2010)

★ Center for Community Change: The Linchpin Campaign. "UNTAPPED: How Community Organizers Can Develop and Deepen Relationships with Major Donors And Raise Big Money". 2009. (last accessed 10 Mar 2010)

Fieldstone Alliance. "Stakeholder Analysis Tool- How to Understand, Influence, and Mobilize Your Constituents." 15 March 2006.

Gold, Eva Ph.D., Elaine Simon Ph.D., and Chris Brown. "Strong Neighborhoods Strong Schools: The Indicators Project on Education Organizing." March 2002. Research for Action. Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform.

Heutte, Fred, and Lisa Wozniak. "Mobilize Your Members: A Simple How-To Guide for Using Lists Effectively." League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. (last accessed Aug 2009).

Institute for Sustainable Communities. "Actions for People-Centered Campaigns." (29 May 2008).

Jones, Grant. "Developing a Neighborhood-Focused Agenda: Tools for Cities Getting Started." 2000. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Jordan, Audrey. "Tapping the Power of Social Networks: Understanding the Role of Social Networks in Strengthening Families and Transforming Communities." 2006.

★ Miao, Vera and Zimmerman, Kristen. "Fertile Ground: Women Organizing at the Intersection of Environmental and Reproductive Justice". Movement Strategy Center. 2009. (last accessed 10 Mar 2010)

Orrego, Maria Elena. "Residents Engaged in Strengthening Families and Neighborhoods: A Guide to key Ideas, Effective Approaches, and Technical Assistance Resources for Making Connections Cities and Site Teams." 2000. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "An Introduction to Movement-Building Electoral Organizing for Community-Based Organizations." (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Section 4: Voter Mobilization." Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Toolkit. Pp.239-364. 2006.

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Section 2: Voter Registration." Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Toolkit. Pp. 89-120. 2006.

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Campaign Planning Worksheet" (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Tips for Documenting and Tracking your Campaign." (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Planning Tips & Lessons." (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Sample Detailed Workplan." (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Setting Goals for Your Organization’s Campaign Work." (29 May 2008).

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. "Volunteer Planning Worksheet." (29 May 2008).

Plastrik, Peter, and Madeleine Taylor. "Lawrence Community Works: Using the Power of Networks to Restore a City." Mar. 2004. Barr Foundation.

Western States Center and Californians for Justice. "Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Tips." Rev. (29 May 2008).

Contra Costa County Health Services. "Lesson 8: Introduction to Community Organizing." Tobacco Prevention Project, Youth Power Curriculum. Aug. 2006.


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Domestic Violence

Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence APIA Health Forum. "Domestic Violence Materials in Asian & Pacific Islander Languages." March 2008.

★ Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence APIA Health Forum. "Facts & Stats: Domestic Violence in Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Homes" Sept 2009.

★ Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence APIA Health Forum. "Lifetime Spiral of Gender Violence." Rev 2007

Schechter, Susan. "Developing Community Responses to Domestic Violence." 2000. Annie E. Casey Foundation.{EF82A0C9-61B4-4A76-B799-EFD5C0C54483}

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Evaluation & Working with Consultants

Burns, Mike. "The Consultant and Strategic Planning: When Inclusion Matters." 2004. Brody Weiser Burns.

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "How Can We Use Evaluation Findings to Reflect On and Adjust Our Work?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (29 May 2008).

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "What is a Theory of Change and What is a Logic Model?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (29 May 2008).

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "What is an Outcome and What is an Outcome Indicator?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (29 May 2008).

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "When should we Evaluate Our Work?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (29 May 2008).

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "Why Do An Evaluation?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (29 May 2008).

Connolly, Paul, and Peter York. "Evaluating Capacity-Building Efforts for Nonprofit Organizations." 2002.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Benchmarking 101 for Nonprofits." 26 April 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Create a ‘Culture of Evaluation.’" 20 June 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Getting the Most from Evaluation" 6 June 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "The Organization-Consultant Relationship: A Guide for Making It Work." (31 Aug 2009).

Mayer, Steven E., Ph.D. "Organizational Capacity Building: Areas for Evaluation." 18 May, 2002.

Rutnik, Tracey A., and Marty Campbell. "When and How to Use External Evaluators." James Irvine Foundation. 2002. Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers.

Sayre, Kiki. "Guidelines and Best Practices for Culturally Competent Evaluations." Sept. 2002. The Colorado Trust.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Foster-Fishman, Pennie, Ph.D., Laurie Van Egeren, and Huilan Yang, Ph.D. "Using a Systems Change Approach to Evaluate Comprehensive Community Change Initiatives." Oct. 2005.

Woodwell, William H., Jr. "Learning for Results." 2007. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations.


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Facilitation, Forums & Surveys

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Resident Leadership & Facilitation Work Book." 2005.

Bergdall, Terry. "Reflections on the Catalytic Role of an Outsider." 21 Feb. 2003. Asset Based Community Development Institute.

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "Can We Design Focus Groups to Give Us the Best Information Possible?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (31 Aug 2009).

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "How Can We Design Survey Interviews and Questionnaires to Give Us the Best Information Possible?" Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity. (31 Aug 2009).

Fieldstone Alliance. "Creative Uses of Community Forums." 6 Feb. 2008.

Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development. "Building Community Toolkit: Moving to Action." 2001.

Powers, Megan and Bo Thao. "Facilitation Guide for Community Engagement: How to Foster Effective Conversations about Our Work and Our Communities." 2007. Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, National Gender and Equity Campaign.

Resources for Organizing and Social Change. "Consensus Education Packet." Rev. 2005.

Simon, Judith Sharken. Conducting Successful Focus Groups: How to Get the Information You Need to Make Smart Decisions. 1999. Fieldstone Alliance. Andrews, Becky. "How to Run Useful, Inexpensive Focus Groups." 5 Dec. 2007.

USAID, Center for Development Information and Evaluation. "Conducting Focus Group Interviews." 1996.


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Fundraising, Grantwriting & Budgeting

Alliance For Justice. "Sample Agreement for Allocation of Costs and Reimbursement of Expenses Between 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4)." February 2008.

Center for Community Change. "Board Versus Staff Roles in Fundraising." (31 Aug 2009).

Center for Community Change. "Writing a Winning Proposal." (31 Aug 2009).

Fieldstone Alliance. "Building a Better World-One Balance Sheet at a Time." 29 Mar. 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Definitions of Key Financial Terms." (31 Aug 2009).

Fieldstone Alliance. "Field Tip: Financing for the Long-Term." (31 Aug 2009).

Fieldstone Alliance. "Four Key Roles Your Supporters Can Play in Fundraising and Marketing Campaigns." 26 Apr. 2006.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Have You Hugged Your Bookkeeper Lately?" 9 Mar. 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Things to Do When the Budget Squeezes." 16 Feb. 2005.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Two Guiding Principles for Effective Budgeting." 19 Dec. 2007. "Online Fundraising Handbook: Making the Most of the Web and Email to Raise More Money Online." 2004.

Klein, Kim. "Talking About Taxes: Exercise I: The Commons." Building Movement Project. (31 Aug 2009).

Klein, Kim. "Talking About Taxes: Exercise II: A Conversation About Taxes." Building Movement Project. (last accessed 29 May 2008).

Nonprofits Assistance Fund. "Glossary of Financial Terms for Nonprofits."

Nonprofits Assistance Fund. "Using this Cash Flow Projection Worksheet." (31 Aug 2009).

Peters, Jeanne. "Government Funding: Use it Well." CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Fall 2004.


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Gender, Gender Identity & LGBTQ

Advocates for Youth. Glossary for "Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: A Toolkit". (last accessed 4 Sept 2009)

★ Association for Women's Rights in Development. "Intersectionality, A Tool for Gender and Economic Justice.",%20A%20Tool%20for%20Gender%20and%20Economic%20Justice.pdf. (last accessed 8 Mar 2010)

Canadian International Development Agency. "Accelerating Change: Resources for Gender Mainstreaming." 2000.$file/Accchange-E.pdf

Dabby, Chic, and Grace Poore. "Engendering Change: Transforming Gender Roles in Asian & Pacific Islander Communities." Aug. 2007. Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence APIA Health Forum.

Dang, Alain, and Cabrini Vianney. "Living in the Margins: A National Survey of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Asian and Pacific Islander Americans." 2007. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute.

Esplen, Emily. "Engaging Men in Gender Equality: Positive Strategies and Approaches." Impact Alliance. Oct. 2006. Institute of Development Studies.

Gay-Straight Alliance Network/Tides Center, Transgender Law Center, & National Center for Lesbian Rights. Beyond the Binary: A Tool Kit for Gender Identity Activism in Schools. 2004.

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. "Gender Oppression, Abuse, Violence: Community Accountability Within the People of Color Progressive Movement." July 2005.

★ International Development Research Centre and Zubaan. edited by Mukhopadhyay, Maitrayee and Singh, Navsharan. "Gender Justice, Citizenship and Development." 2007. (last accessed 8 Mar 2010)

Joseph, Barbara, Susan Lob, Peggy Mclaughlin, Terry Mizrahi, Jan Peterson, Beth Rosenthal, and Fran Sugarman. "A Framework for Feminist Organizing: Values, Goals, methods, Strategies, and Roles." Website. 1989. Education Center for Community Organizers, Hunter College School of Social Work.


★ Movement Strategy Center and the Women's Foundation of California. "Gender, Organizing, and Movement Building at the Intersection of Environmental Justice and Reproductive Justice." An executive summary of two reports: Fertile Ground: Women Organizing at the Intersection of Environmental Justice and Reproductive Justice by Movement Strategy Center, November 2009 and Climate of Opportunity: Gender and Movement Building at the Intersection of Reproductive Justice and Environmental Justice by Women's Foundation of California November 2009. (last accessed 10 Mar 2010)

Pacific Island Women’s Association. "Voices of Pacific Island Women Residing in the Pacific Northwest: Reflections on Health, Economics, Education and More." 16 Oct. 2006. Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.

Pharr, Suzanne. Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism. Berkeley CA: Chardon Press. 1997.  Retrieved on Sept 4, 2009 from

★ Western States Center. "Assessing Our Organizations" (Organizational Assessment for LGBTQ equality.) May 2008. (last accessed 9 Mar 2010)

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Immigration & Refugee Issues

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Asian-American Children Pocket Guide." 2004.

Asian American Justice Center and Asian Pacific American Legal Center. "A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States." 2006.

Asian American Justice Center. "Adult Literacy Education in Immigrant Communities: Identifying Policy and Program Priorities for Helping Newcomers Learn English." 2007. C

apps, Randy, Michael Fix, Everett Henderson, and Jane Reardon-Anderson. "A Profile of Low-Income Working Immigrant Families." The Urban Institute. Jun. 2005.

Chanse, Samantha, Nicole Davis, Gary Delgado, Mimi Ho, Galen Moore, Will Pittz, and Tram Nguyen. "Mapping the Immigrant Infrastructure: An Executive Summary." Annie E. Casey Foundation and Applied Research Center. 2002.

Data Center. "Know Your Rights." Jan. 2002.

Fix, Michael, Jeffrey S. Passel, and Kenneth Sucher. "Trends in Naturalization." Sept. 2003. The Urban Institute.

Fix, Michael, Wendy Zimmermann, and Jeffrey S. Passel. "The Integration of Immigrant Families in the United States." Jul. 2001. The Urban Institute.

Lincroft, Yali, and Jen Resner. "Undercounted, Underserved: Immigrant and Refugee Families in the Child Welfare System." 2006. Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Ong, Paul, and Doug Miller. "Economic Needs of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Distressed Areas: Establishing Baseline Information." Jul. 2002. National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development.

Opportunity Agenda. "Immigration Reform: Promoting Opportunity for All." 2005.

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Wilder Research Center. "Speaking for Themselves: A Survey of Hispanic, Hmong, Russian, and Somali Immigrants in Minneapolis-Saint Paul." Nov. 2000.

Yan, Yorn. New Americans, New Promise: A Guide to the Refugee Journey in America. Pp. 130-144. 2006. Fieldstone Alliance. Hyman, Vince. "Working with Refugees- Tips for Dealing with Three Major Challenges." 2 Nov. 2006.


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Leadership Development & Intergenerational Issues

Afkhami, Mahnaz, Ann Eisenberg, and Haleh Vaziri. "Leading to Choices: A Leadership Training Handbook for Women." 2001. Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace.

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Engaging Youth in Community Change." 2005.

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Up Next: Generation Change and the Leadership of Nonprofit Organization." 2005.

★ Building Movement Project in collaboration with Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action, National Community Development Institute, and Movement Strategy Center. "Leadership Development and Leadership Change." (last accessed 10 Mar 2010)

Cornelius, Marla, Patrick Corvington, and Albert Ruesga. "Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out." 2008. Annie E. Casey Foundation.{4DBB570B-4D23-428D-A510-7A401884B8B1}

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Fieldstone Alliance. "Four Impacts of Generational Change." 7 Mar. 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Managing at the Intersection of Generational Change and Policy." 16 May 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Six Steps to Deal with Generational Change in Your Organization." 18 Apr. 2007.

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Wolfred, Tim. "Interim Executive Directors: The Power in the Middle." 2005. Annie E. Casey Foundation; Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.




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Media & Communication

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Race Matters: Unequal Opportunity within News Media Coverage." 2006.

Democracy Center. "Media Advocacy." 2002.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Assessing Your Communication Goals." 3 Oct. 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Five Keys to Creating Motivating Messages." 19 Sept. 2007.

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SPIN Project. "Communications Capacity Building Throughout the Organizational Life Cycle." 2005.

SPIN Project. "Community Organizing and Strategic Communications." 2005.


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Organizational Assessment & Development

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Race Matters: Organizational Self-Assessment." 2006.

Brody Weiser Burns. "Nonprofit Crises, Executive Leadership, and an Assessment Process to Help Restore an Organization’s Footing." 9 Sept. 2003.

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Philbin, Ann, and Sandra Mikush. "A Framework for Organizational Development: The Why, What and How of OD Work." 2000. Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation.


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Policy Advocacy

Building Movement Project. "Nonprofit Service Organizations and Civic Engagement: Addressing Challenges and Moving Forward." 2007.

Democracy Center. "Developing Advocacy Strategy." The Democracy Owners Manual. 2002.

Democracy Center. "Five Rules of Initiative Politics." The Democracy Owners Manual. 2002.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Harnessing the Power of Public Policy." 10 Jan. 2007.

Fieldstone Alliance. "Policy and Advocacy Resources for Grantmakers and Nonprofits." 4 Apr. 2007.


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Racial Equity & Asset-based Approaches

Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Race Matters: Racial Equity Impact Analysis – Assessing Policies, Programs, and Practices." 2006.

Center for Assessment and Policy Development. "Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity: Tips." 2005.

Ford Foundation. "Building Assets to Reduce Poverty and Injustice." 2002.

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Lonner, Thomas D. Ph.D. "Encouraging More Culturally & Linguistically Competent Practices in Mainstream Health Care Organizations: A Survival Guide for Change Agents." July 2007.

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Toney, Jermaine. "Minnesota Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity." 2007. Organizing Apprenticeship Project.


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Responsive Philanthropy

Adams, Tom. "Founder Transitions: Creating Good Endings and New Beginnings: A Guide for Executive Directors and Boards." 2005. Annie E. Casey Foundation; Evelyn and Walter Hass, Jr. Fund.

Cowles, John Jr., and Louis W. Hill Jr. "Behind the Curve: Philanthropy Revisited." Apr. 2006. Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

National Center for Responsive Philanthropy's Grantmaking for Community Impact Project (GCIP).
"Strengthening Democracy, Increasing Opportunities: Impacts of Advocacy, Organizing and Civic Engagement"
Main page:
Los Angeles focus:

(last accessed 10 Mar 2010)


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Social Justice & Movement Building

★ Adams, Maurianne Bell, Lee Anne and Griffin, Pat (editors). "Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice". Routledge Education. 2007. Link with more info: (last accessed 9 Mar 2010)

Bloom, Marie. "Tricks and Treats: Facilitating Dialogue for Social Change." Oct. 2002. Training For Change.

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★ Theory of Social Change

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