Mobilizing Resources for Social Justice

As part of AAPIP, our goal is to increase the direct access of philanthropic resources to Asian American and Pacific Islander communities so they can have more meaningful and sustained impacts on addressing inequity and achieving social change. However, we know that this goal cannot be achieved alone. The NGEC emphasizes fostering mutually respectful relationships and dialogue between community and philanthropy and using a community-based approach to grantmaking. These values ground us in our practice of social justice philanthropy and our strategies of leveraging resources to underserved AAPI communities.


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Our Community-based Approach to Grantmaking

We believe that social justice philanthropy as a practice is being responsive and relevant to communities and their local contexts and environment to address issues of social, economic and political inequities at their root.

The NGEC uses a community-based approach to our grantmaking driven directly by what we're learning on the ground. By combining multi-year, core operating support with social justice capacity building, the NGEC supports and strengthens AAPI social justice organizations to become more effective at addressing the root causes of inequity in their communities and to activate AAPI voices in the social justice movement.


Our community-based grant-making approach is guided by the following elements:

  • Asset-based - Communities possess many assets such as multiple generations of leaders, knowledge, and experience. Supporting and working with communities at their starting place begins with building upon existing assets.
  • Listening and learning from communities - Communities are best positioned to identify the needs, priorities and challenges of those who are most impacted by inequity and the opportunities for transformation.
  • Transparency - Developing authentic and meaning relationships with communities requires a high level of transparency.
  • Communities can speak for themselves - Communities are made up of multiple voices and can be their own advocates.


Bridging Community and Philanthropy

Through in-depth engagement and dialogues with AAPI communities, we hear time and time again from community organizations about the significant lack of philanthropic resources that exists to build and sustain social justice capacity and infrastructure. In these conversations, groups recognized their common interest to educate philanthropy and other stakeholders more intentionally.  The NGEC responds to this need by creating spaces and opportunities to bring community and philanthropy together.

Within our Minnesota and California pilot regions, the NGEC uses a continual process of engaging, learning, and connecting with our community and philanthropic partners. As AAPIP's demonstration project, the NGEC shares with our philanthropic partners the most effective strategies and key lessons from our model of working with communities to build a more inclusive social justice movement.


Looking ahead: Opportunity Investments

AAPI LGBTQ Communities (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer) and Pacific Islander Communities

The NGEC is committed to leveraging resources to build the social justice capacity and leadership of underrepresented and underserved AAPI populations. Our two priority populations are AAPI LGBTQ communities and Pacific Islander communities, both of which have been historically marginalized within AAPI populations and the social justice movement. Currently, we are exploring opportunities and responsive strategies by engaging with community organizations to learn about their issues and needs, and philanthropic partners with a shared interests and goals.