Our Partners

South Asian Network

Advancing the Health, Empowerment and Solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in Southern California

South Asian Network (SAN) informs and empowers South Asian communities by acting as an agent of change in eliminating biases, discrimination and injustices targeted against South Asians and by providing linkages among other communities through shared experiences. Their programs include organizing, leadership development, research and advocacy on multiple rights issues.




South Asian Network is excited to participate in an organizational fellowship program that fosters movement building between AAPI organizations who have deep engagements within our communities and who see our communities as the vehicle to change. - Preeti Sharma, South Asian Network


From SAN's website:

"South Asian Network was founded in 1990 to provide an open forum where individuals of South Asian origin could gather to discuss social, economic, and political issues affecting the community, with the goal of raising awareness, active involvement and advocacy among community members leading to an informed and empowered community.

SAN has sought from the outset to embrace the diversity of the South Asian community as strength rather than a liability. To that end, SAN works to build unity among South Asian immigrants in Southern California that does not exist in South Asia itself, and to build alliance among the South Asian community, other immigrant communities, and communities of color in order to advance a shared progressive agenda for Southern California.

The board, staff and volunteers are the most diverse and representative of any South Asian organization. Comprised of a majority of women, the team includes persons of Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani and Sri Lankan origin from Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Christian, Muslim and Sikh traditions; first generation immigrants and first generation U.S. born; speakers of Bengali, Fiji Hindi, Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Singhalese, Tamil and Urdu; and gay and straight members. Such internal diversity enables SAN to outreach to a broad set of communities.

As the South Asian community continues to grow, SAN is committed to challenging systems of inequality, build solidarities with other similarly placed communities, and to design strategies to protect economic, political, and human rights of all communities."