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Korean Resource Center

Combining Strong Grassroots Activism and Effective Policy Advocacy

KRC was founded in 1983 as a space for dialogue on questions of identity, representation and appropriate political systems & structures as much as it was for actual activist training, education and community base building. Events such as the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992 and the anti-immigrant wave starting with Proposition 187 during the mid 1990s steered the organization's course to focus on educating and organizing Korean Americans on major civil rights and immigrant rights issues.

KRC's mission is to:

* Educate the public on issues affecting Korean Americans
* Advocate for the civil rights and immigrant rights of Korean Americans
* Facilitate grassroots organizing and electoral/civic participation of Korean Americans
* Initiate dialogue and build coalitions with other communities of color
* Preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Korean Americans as part of multicultural America
* Provide needed social and community services to traditionally marginalized groups


Currently, KRC seeks to empower immigrants and communities of color, particularly Korean Americans, through the following activities: educating the public on pertinent issues; advocating for the civil and immigrant rights; facilitating grassroots organizing and electoral/civic participation; ensuring representation in health policy, funding, and education to improve the health status of Korean Americans; advocating for affordable housing and community economic development; providing needed social and community services to traditionally marginalized groups; initiating dialogue and build coalitions with other communities of color; and preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Korean Americans as part of a multicultural America.

Empowerment can be effectively achieved through a holistic approach that addresses the multiple and human needs of our community. Social service provides needed assistance and attracts the general public to our education and organizing work; Education helps individuals develop a critical analysis; Culture roots us as ethnic minorities and immigrants living in the U.S.; and Organizing enables us to equip community members with the tools and capacity to direct & implement our strategies for social change. Finally, Coalition Building ensures that all communities can move forward together.

"It is a great moment to share and learn about enriching and exciting histories of the API community organizing in California and Minnesota. In a given challenging time, it will also create an opportunity to create a space to discuss about overarching issues that affect the API community and community responses." - Dae J. Yoon, Executive Director, Korean Resource Center

KRC's backbone is the community. Through the years, the number of people seeking services, participating in educational programs, gaining political consciousness, participating in the political process, and realizing the power of organizing has increased. With a combination of strong grassroots activism and effective policy advocacy, KRC has demonstrated to the most vulnerable and disempowered members of their constituency that policies and laws can reflect their needs. As an organization that addresses multiple issues, KRC bridges the gap between understanding technical policy issues and the tremendous potential for grassroots organizing.