Our Partners

Khmer Girls in Action

Empowering Young Southeast Asian Women to Become Relevant Social Justice Organizers

"KGA is hoping to strengthen and build our capacity to fulfill our mission and vision statement through peer-based learning, bring into the discussion a youth lens, and collectively work with other grassroots organizations to elevate the experiences and visibility of AA/PI communities in our national dialogues and discourse." - Joy Yanga

About KGA:  Khmer Girls in Action's role is to empower young Southeast Asian women to become relevant social justice organizers who can respond to the immediate needs of their communities.

KGA believes that building the political analysis of our members to understand the complexities of national policies that attack immigrants, people of color, poor families, women, and young people contribute to building knowledge and power of the community to fight and advocate for justice within the context of improving their lives and the communities they live. Over the years we have worked collectively to develop and refine our analysis, strategies, and approach to our work.


KGA's Programs:
KGA believes in the leadership of Southeast Asian girls and women to create social change. They recognize that young women of color are often marginalized in social justice movements; therefore, their programming invests in and empowers young Southeast Asian women and girls between the ages of 14-21 to become leaders in their community and their lives.

KGA takes a comprehensive approach to working with their members to ensure their holistic development. Their three areas of programming are infused with an analysis of gender, class, race, sexuality and culture that focus on leadership development to equip all our members with the tools and skills to harness their power and create change in their community; cultural and media arts to explore and voice their issues in the community, as well as individual and academic support to ensure their personal well-being and academic success.