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Chinese for Affirmative Action

Strengthening the Progressive Asian and Pacific American Movement for Social Change


Founded in 1969 by a group of young activists, CAA has a proud history of achieving social change. For nearly forty years CAA has challenged social norms to advance equality, created coalitions that bridge traditional boundaries, and prioritized the needs of our community's most marginalized.

Today, CAA employs multiple strategies to create change. At the grassroots level, CAA nurtures the ability of Asian and Pacific American communities to participate fully in civic life. At the public policy level, CAA advocates for system changes that create a more just and equitable society. Throughout their work CAA seeks to build and foster alliances that strengthen and sustain a progressive Asian and Pacific American movement.

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"There has never been a more important time for social justice advocates to come together for common goals. The NGEC Fellowship is a unique program that will help CAA get stronger, but more importantly, it will help us get smarter. By encouraging work across communities that builds collective power, we will have a better shot of creating the change our constituents desperately want." - Vincent Pan, CAA