Partners Overview

The NGEC appreaciates the generous support from our local, national and philanthropic partners.  Our funders include both national and community foundations where our work is being piloted. View a list of our philanthrophopic partners here.

Our national partners consist of five Asian American/ Pacific Islander organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to social change.  We have worked closely with these organizations to stay grounded in community. Find direct links to each of our national partners here.

We continue to build relationships with our 12 local organizations based in California and Minnesota that are participating in the Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP). They continue to be an asset as we test our capacity building approaches, frameworks and tools in the OFP through 2011. View the stories we have collected from each organization below.


OFP Partners Spotlights

Below are featured stories of NGEC's Partners from the Organizational Fellowship Program 2009-2011.  Click the titles below learn more about each organization's work and about their participation in our programs.

NGEC Organizational Fellowship Program 2009 - 2011

Learn more about each of the 12 organizations in the OFP by visiting their websites at the links below.




NGEC's Minnesota Community Engagmenet Process

The NGEC facilitated a community engagement process for 22 AAPI organizations in MN in 2007-2008.  If you're looking for stories or information about NGEC's Minnesota Community Engagement Process and the community organizations we partnered with, please click here.