Social Justice Capacity Building

The NGEC believes that the community members who are most impacted by inequity are at the center of developing and implementing effective social justice work. As part of this process, effective social justice organizations must continually reflect on their role, relevancy, and accountability within their communities. 


"Building Organizational Capacity for Social Justice: Framework, Approach & Tools"

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This resource contains in-depth information about NGEC's capacity building framework and the accompanying tools we developed for use within NGEC's Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP) currently being tested in Minnesota and California.



NGEC's Approach to Social Justice Capacity Building

We believe that gender and cultural change work are essential to building stronger and more sustainable organizations for deep and lasting social change. With these key social justice values and principles in mind, the NGEC developed an asset-based and culturally competent capacity building approach.

At the core of the NGEC's approach is a belief that strong Asian American and Pacific Islander grassroots organizations are vital to building a more inclusive, effective, and lasting social justice movement.

We believe that movement buliding work is most effective when 3 elements exist:

1. Key political moments;

2. Community readiness;

3. Strong social justice infrastructure (groups & organizations).

Our capacity building program approach is guided by an organizational transformation process which we believe builds and strengthens the infrastructure necessary to sustain grassroots movement building work.


About NGEC's Capacity Building Program

As NGEC's capacity building program in two pilot states, Minnesota and California, the Organizational Fellowship Program (OFP) provides multi-year core operating support, peer-to-peer learning spaces, and culturally relevant skills-building trainings to develop organizational social justice capacity.

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BRIDGE - Capacity Building Tools and Resources

Our long-term vision is to build a more inclusive society. To ensure that the lessons and tools from the OFP continue to be supported and maintained beyond the end of the NGEC in 2011, we are creating BRIDGE (Building Responsive Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity).  We envision BRIDGE to be a national, social justice infrastructure building intermediary co-created with community.   The tools and resources for BRIDGE will focus on supporting movement building that have been developed and tested through the NGEC.

BRIDGE intends to focus on creating culturally competent learning opportunities for community leaders to think, strategize, and foster alliances in order to address the underlying causes of inequity.

In addition, BRIDGE hopes to develop and deliver tools and resources focused in the areas of grassroots community organizing, media/communications, policy/advocacy and leadership development --- all within a gender and equity framework.


Explore our growing list of NGEC's  featured tools or search through our list of other useful capacity building resources.


For more information about our capacity building efforts, please contact BRIDGE Director, Bo Thao.