BRIDGE Organizational Assessment Tool (BOAT)

What is BOAT?

NGEC/AAPIP developed the BRIDGE Organizational Assessment Tool (BOAT) to support the 12 groups in our Organizational Fellowship Program and with key allies in the social justice movement who are interested in our capacity building approach.   Over 30 community organizations within and outside* of AAPIP's capacity building programs have used BOAT to date, and NGEC continues to refine this tool based on community needs and feedback.

BOAT helps organizations reflect, plan and have more clarity about ways to become a more effective and sustainable organization. The ability to identify the infrastructure and practices necessary to becoming a social justice organization allows leaders to be more mindful in planning for growth and development.

BOAT's 3 main purposes

  1. It provides each fellowship organization with a more holistic picture of areas of development;
  2. It aims to uncover the organization's internal assets, such as cultural competence, reputation and role in the community;
  3. And helps the organization better reflect and understand its starting point as it considers what to focus on in terms of building "social justice capacity" so that it can more fully determine its path towards being a more effective and sustainable social justice organization.

Staff who represent various levels of leadership within each organization are invited to take BOAT to ensure a holistic, cross-sectional organizational perspective.

The results are tabulated by NGEC staff into narrative and visual formats that the organization can use to explore its strengths, areas for development, and areas of disagreement or agreement. NGEC provides extensive technical assistance in order to make meaning of the information collected, generate the visuals, and facilitate the process of information analysis to create understanding with each organization.

NGEC's "Anatomy of a Social Justice Organization"  is the framework for OFP's overall program design and corresponds to the 5 areas of organizational capacity which BOAT measures:

BOAT Image

Within these 5 organizational capacity areas, the BOAT addresses topics including: organizational culture, community organizing, leadership, development, and power, as well gauging the intent, practice and impact of an organizaitons work.

* PLEASE NOTE: At this time, access to an online version of BOAT is limited to AAPIP partners and capacity building program grantees.  Please visit this website soon for potential future announcements regarding when BOAT may be available for your organization.  

For more information about BRIDGE, please contact Bo Thao-Urabe, BRIDGE Director -

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